5 IRA Mistakes that Cost You Money

5 IRA Mistakes that Cost You Money

In July of 2013, the Worker's Retirement Institute reported that the average value of IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) in the United States fell to less than $28,000 the lowest number in a decade. This means Americans, some unemployed, must work even harder to pay for their retirement. The sad part is that most … [Read more...]

2016 SEP IRA Contribution Maximums & 2015 Limits

2014 SEP IRA Contribution Maximums & 2013 Limits

SEP IRA contribution limits for 2015 are changing. SEP's are Simplified Employee Pension (plans).  You can benefit from a SEP IRA if you own a small business or are self-employed.  The federal government rules let you use an SEP plan as an easy way to contribute to your employees' retirement savings or your own … [Read more...]

New Traditional IRA Limits for 2016

New Traditional IRA Limits for 2014

Essential Information for 2016. Do you know someone with a traditional IRA? Be sure to bookmark this page for reference. The rules governing your maximum IRA income limits for 2016 vary based on the type of IRA you have, your income and your filing status. It's important to note that this is not the same thing as your … [Read more...]