Eligible Expenses for HSA in 2014

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If you have an HSA, or Health Savings Account, you need to know what eligible expenses are allowable in 2014 for deduction under the rules set forth by the IRS.

You can spend money from your HSA tax-free as long as it’s put towards a “qualified medical expense.” This includes all prescription medication, medical related transportation, regular doctor bills, and other allowable costs as defined below. These expenses are paid by you until your health insurance deductible is met, at which time your policy takes over, as defined by your plan.

If you spend funds on non-qualified expenses, the IRS taxes you at your regular income rate in addition to a penalty equaling 20% of the amount you spent. This rule only applies to those under 65.

One of the great things about an HSA is that you can spend money on any eligible expense, even if that medical cost isn’t covered under your High Deductible Health Plan. So for example, if your health plan doesn’t cover vision correction surgery, in most cases you can cover that expense from your non-taxed funds. This also applies to expense incurred by your spouse and dependents. You are allowed to pay for their qualifying medical bills as well, even if they receive coverage from a separate insurance policy.

An oft asked questions is if you can use your HSA towards monthly health insurance premiums. The answer is generally no, unless you participate in Medicare, in which case you can pay for any premiums except Medicare Supplement policies. You are also allowed to use your HSA funds to cover insurance premiums in cases where you are unemployed and collecting qualified benefits, or you have continuing COBRA coverage.

HSA Eligible Expenses 2013 and 2014

X-ray Prosthesis Lactation Expenses Dental Treatment
Wig Pregnancy Test Kit Laboratory Fees Crutches
Wheelchair Physical Examination Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled, Special Home for Contact Lenses
Weight-Loss Program Oxygen Insurance Premiums Christian Science Practitioner
Vision Correction Surgery Osteopath Hospital Services Chiropractor
Vasectomy Organ Donors Home Improvements Car
Tuition Optometrist Home Care Capital Expenses
Trips Operations Hearing Aids Breast Reconstruction Surgery
Transportation Nursing Services Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Breast Pumps and Supplies
Transplants Nursing Home Health Institute Braille Books and Magazines
Therapy Medicines Guide Dog or Other Service Animal Body Scan
Television Medical Information Plan Founder’s Fee Birth Control Pills
Telephone Medical Conferences Fertility Enhancement Bandages
Surgery Meals Eyeglasses Autoette
Stop-Smoking Programs Long-Term Care Eye Surgery Artificial Teeth
Sterilization Lodging Eye Exam Artificial Limb
Special Education Lifetime Care—Advance Payments Drugs Annual Physical Examination
Psychologist Legal Fees Drug Addiction Ambulance
Psychoanalysis Learning Disability Disabled Dependent Care Expenses Alcoholism
Psychiatric Care Lead-Based Paint Removal Diagnostic Devices Acupuncture


Unfortunately, the IRS doesn’t recognize all medical expenses as “qualified.” You are not allowed to spend your HSA money tax-free on these non-eligible expenses, as defined in the table below.

Non Qualified HSA Expenses 2013 and 2014

Weight-Loss Program Maternity Clothes Funeral Expenses
Veterinary Fees Insurance Premiums Flexible Spending Account
Teeth Whitening Illegal Operations and Treatments Electrolysis or Hair Removal
Swimming Lessons Household Help Diaper Service
Personal Use Items Health Savings Accounts Dancing Lessons
Nutritional Supplements Health Coverage Tax Credit Cosmetic Surgery
Nonprescription Drugs and Medicines Health Club Dues Controlled Substances
Medicines and Drugs From Other Countries Hair Transplant Baby Sitting
Medical Savings Account (MSA) Future Medical Care
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